Thank you for your interest in my blog. I do welcome all reviews, however please keep in mind that I  am not obligated to blog everything.  Items are posted on my blog, facebook, facebook groups Flickr & Flickr Groups. I am often afk for hours at a time due to RL, so I may not respond right away. I created this blog to post all my favorite things designers in second life, also to help others create there own fashion look. If you would like me to review your item. I will be glad to. Please send a NoteCard with the follow: Landmark/Marketplace to your store, Links to Event, Name of item/event & Price. I will try my best to post new item(s) as fast as I can. I reserve the right to those whom I feel suit my style and whom requirements I can realistically handle. I will NOT re-blog/repeat a same item because it is in multiple fashion events.

                                                        Thank you for your support!